Master Planning

A community master plan provides a framework for decision-making. Master plans include history, trends, projections, goals, future land and action plan. SWMPC provides planning assistance to counties, cities, villages and townships in our region. Our planning process centers around three basic tenets:

    • Community Engagement: Engage residents, business owners, stakeholders, staff, and elected officials are vital to understanding existing conditions and establishing a collective vision. 

    • Informed Decision-Making:  Analyze a community's social and economic characteristics, natural resources and scenic features, public utilities, transportation networks, medical facilities, recreation, schools, and existing land use patterns.

  • Implementation: Develop short- and long-term objectives to turn plans into action with clear direction on what to do next, who should lead, and how it can be funded.

To see past and current plans, check out the Planning Library.

For more information about how SWMPC can assist with a master plan for your community, please call the SWMPC at 269-925-1137 x 1525.