Weesaw Township

Weesaw Township Master Plan Update 2015 Berrien County, Michigan.


Click here to view or print the Weesaw Township Draft Master Plan.






A public hearing will be held by the Weesaw Township Planning Commission for the purpose of receiving comments on updates to the Township Master Plan.  A copy of the revised Master Plan may be viewed online by clicking here  or at the Township Hall, P.O. Box 38, 13518 State Street, New Troy, MI 49119, on Mon-Wed from 9 a.m.–4 p.m.


The Master Plan Public Hearing will be held:

Monday, 8/24/15, 7:05 p.m., at the Township Hall 13518 State Street, New Troy, MI 49119


There will be an opportunity for public comments at the public hearing, or comments may be submitted in writing and should be received at the Township Hall at the above address, no later than the close of business on 8/24/15.


If you want more information please reach out to Wanda Green the Township Clerk at 269-426-3002. 


Weesaw Township is primarily an agricultural community with residential homes in rural settings. To maintain the quality of life and the essential rural character of the Township, a guide is needed to determine how growth decisions will be made that reflect residents’ desires regarding land use. As growth pressure continues resulting in the conversion of productive farmland into other uses, a plan for orderly development is necessary. The Master Plan serves as the land development policy guide reflecting community goals and philosophies in relation to the use of land.