Southwest Michigan Water Partnership

The Southwest Michigan Water Partnership is a coalition of municipalities that are working together to educate Southwest Michigan residents about protecting water quality and reducing water pollution.  To better protect water quality, greater participation is needed in Southwest Michigan.  All counties, cities, villages, townships, businesses and organizations are invited to join the Southwest Michigan Water Partnership.

What Municipalities are in the

Southwest Michigan Water Partnership? 

 Berrien County Drain Commissioner

Berrien County Road Department

 Cass County Drain Commissioner

Cass County Road Commission 

 City of St. Joseph

 Lincoln Charter Township 

 City of Bridgman

 Village of Stevensville

 City of Buchanan

 Village of Edwardsburg

 City of Niles

 Village of Grand Beach

 St. Joseph Charter Township

 City of Benton Harbor

How can I join? Contact us for more information!

 The Berrien and Cass County NPDES-MS4 Group is comprised of the municipalities and counties that are in the MS4 program to reduce pollutants to surface waters of the State. Their permits require these municipalities to conduct public education, test stormwater outfalls for pollutants and perform pollution prevention activities.  Below you will find the Public Education Plan and the meeting agendas and minutes from this group.

 Public Education Plan and Municipal Commitments (.pdf documents)

MiEnviro Portal – Water Resources Information and Forms - Create and manage Permit Applications and Service Requests

MS4 Permitting Water Resources Division Presentation (.pdf document)