Decatur Village, Decatur Township Hamilton Township Joint Comprehensive Plan


The Joint Comprehensive Plan for Village of Decatur, Decatur Township, and Hamilton Township for 2017. 



The plan sets a 20 year vision for the community.  An effective plan accurately communicates citizens' needs and desires about their community and recommends specific strategies to achieve those values.  The community vision is to preserve and protect the rural, small town character and agricultural base of the area while providing for economic and residential growth in and around the Village.  Further, the plan seeks to protect water quality, natural resources and rural character while encouraging a broad range of housing options and prices in residential areas and a diverse local economy in planned areas with infrastructure.


The Old 2009 Plan can be viewed here:On-line by downloading the document 


Questions?  Call Marcy Hamilton, Southwest Michigan Planning Commission at 269-925-1137 x 1525, or email