Van Buren County Recreation Plans

Van Buren County 2021-2026 Recreation Plan


Decatur Village, Decatur Township and Hamilton Township  

SWMPC assisted the Decatur Community with a joint plan that was approved by the three municipalities and approved by MDNR.  


Bloomingdale Area

Bloomingdale Township, Village and School District developed a joint parks, recreation and open

 space plan.  The Bloomingdale community is blessed with wonderful parks, school facilities and natural resources.  The plan lays out a vision for future enhancements and expansions for parks and recreation in the community.

The Hartford Community 

In 2006, the City of Hartford and Hartford Township collaborated to create a five-year Community Recreation Plan that would benefit all residents of both communities.  Goals for the community include encouraging the preservation of valuable water and land resources while promoting responsible recreational use and preserving and protecting sites and properties that have historic and cultural value and promote rehabilitation and enhancement where needed.

The Hartford Community Park, Recreation, Open Space and Greenway Plan


The City of Bangor

The City of Bangor adopted their five year Community Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenway Plan on March 17, 2008.  This plan reflects the City's commitment to provide opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities to enjoy recreational programs and facilities leading to a high quality of life.  The plan also continues to guide the City's progress toward protecting and preserving important natural resources through education and responsible use.

City of Bangor Community Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenway Plan March 2008