Jill Plescher – Geographic Information Specialist

Email: plescherj@swmpc.org
Phone: (269) 925-1137 extension 1522

Jill joined the SWMPC staff in March of 2009. Her GIS skill set and extensive cartographic expertise are coupled with her drive and openness to learn about new technologies in the field of GIS and the ability to translate that into products for SWMPC with the focus on projects that have a need for a mapping element or data products. She also provides online access to regional GIS data and maps.

Jill has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Management from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, with a focus in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and water resources as well a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in environmental monitoring, studying in the fields of remote sensing and GIS technologies.

Jill’s work with the SWMPC inspires her to create maps and visualizations that open people to a greater understanding of their surroundings, from the natural environment to the socioeconomic conditions in their communities and more.

Jill Plescher