Brandon Kovnat – Associate Planner

Phone: (269) 925-1137 extension 1524

Brandon joined the SWMPC staff in May 2016 as an associate transportation planner. Brandon’s focus is on assisting with the management of two Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NATS MPO and TwinCATS MPO). This includes developing a Transportation Improvement Program, which is the listing of all the federally funded transportation projects over four years, and the development of the Long Range Transportation Plan which has data on the transportation system and uses this along with public and local officials input to set performance measure targets, and strategies to achieve these targets.

Brandon received his Bachelor of Science in biosystems engineering from Michigan State University and in 2009 and went on to earn a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Michigan.

Brandon is inspired to think about what is best for everyone when it comes to transportation. This means thinking beyond a single municipal or township boundary and to consider drivers, transit users, cyclists, and pedestrians. He also most enjoys helping agencies find funding for transportation projects and providing data that will help them make better decisions. 

Brandon Kovnat